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Antoninianus - IMP AURELIAN
(RIC 192)
- Siscia Mint

Lucius Domitius Aurelianus

Born: 214/215
Emperor: A.D. 270-275

Obverse: Portrait radiate, draped and cuirassed bust right - IMP C AVRELIANVS AVG

Reverse: Concordia standing left holding two standards - CONCORDIA MILI - T

Inscriptions: IMP(erator) C(aesar) AVRELIANVS AVG(ustus) / CONCORDIA (Harmony) MILI(tum) T(Siscia Mint)

Imperator Caesar Aurelianus Augustus / Harmony with the Military - Siscia

An able general and a stern man of general good character Aurelian succeeded Claudius Gothicus on the throne After rising to prominence in the military and serving as the commander of all roman forces under Claudius whom he helped rise to power. Upon the death of Claudius he defeated Claudius's brother Quintillus who also claimed the throne and rose to the purple.

During his 5 year reign he continued his military objectives fighting Vandals, Juthungi and Sarmatians in northern Italy as well as fighting Gauls and Goths. He also fought in Asian Minor with some success. He is credited for restoring the empire to its largest extent save for his one major loss, the abandonment of the province of Dacia and the creation of a NEW Dacia (an important step to save face after losing a province). He also took steps to bring more unity to the empire, initiated monetary reform and building projects and took steps to curb corruption.

His steps to fight corruption may have been his downfall, Aurelian fell victim to intrigue when the praetorians were falsely warned by a secretary that Aurelian was planning to kill them. He was murdered on route to Byzantium in 275 at Caenophrurium.

We was succeed by Tacitus