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CACHE HISTORICAL AND WORLD COINS ( is a non-profit website dedicated to all things Numismatic and Historical, specifically geared to general World and Roman Imperial Coinage. We also have an ever growing section devoted to Notgeld and are proud to present the Harp Collection, a special showcase of our most outstanding historical coins and medals. This website also hosts coins minted by the Cypress Mint. These coins and all other numismatic items other than coins and money can be found in the Exonumia section of this website.

The primary purpose of this website is to identify and showcase coins and medals from around the world and through time and to give these coins historical perspective. We look to pass on the history surrounding the coins, medals or banknotes you are looking at, the people depicted on them and what they say about the society and the times that created them.

Historically, money has never been just a medium of exchange. It is history, propaganda and art, a snapshot in time presented on small pieces of metal or paper. It is a relic of its time with a message for both contemporary and future audiences.

We endeavor to be both an online gallery and informational source for numismatics and history. To bring the reader the history each piece represents as well as serving as a gateway to resources all collectors should know about. This is in addition to the primary purpose of simply cataloging and displaying interesting and sometimes outstanding examples of coins, medals, and banknotes and presenting basic information about the piece (who issued it? who is that on the coin? What does it say?). Of course we welcome any comments or corrections.

This is not a commercial site and there is nothing for sale. If you have any questions regarding any coin on this site or have a coin you need identified hit contact at the top right of any page. In some cases we buy coins. See Terms for information regarding all original intellectual property found on this website.