On these pages you will find an ever growing catalog of Notgeld Notes and brief information pertaining to each bill or series of bills such as country, city, town, person or theme depicted on the bill. Notgeld is a term used for the wide variety of mostly German or Austrian emergency money issued by local governments or businesses during wartime and other crisis. Most bills on these pages will be from 1914-1923. These interesting footnotes in numismatic history were first produced at the local level by cities, towns, businesses and organizations to fill the need for currency not being met by the government. They were issued for the lowest denominations to the ridiculously high denominations produced during hyperinflation. Practical use was limited and they were often printed to be sold and collected much like one would baseball cards often stored in Notgeld Albums. there are thousands of varieties with wide ranging, artistic, social and political themes using mostly paper and sometimes alternative materials such as iron, zinc, and porcelain for coins or leather, aluminum foil, and cloth for bills.

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